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Research and Development

DEVAR Research Center's work is devoted to development of advanced technologies of computer vision. We aim to bring our algorithms in the creative world of AR, VR and robotics. Using a combination of the Object Recognition, 3D Object Scanning, Facial Performance Capture and Full-body Tracking, Marker Tracking and Object AI Recognition we succeeded in creating products of high quality, capable of competing on worldwide market.

SimAR Marker Tracking

The algorithm allows to detect plane based on the marker. SIMAR scans faster. It allows to extract the texture of the scanned object in higher definition; It is more stable when the marker is distorted.

(SimAR DEVAR algorithm. DEVAR is used in more than 5 000 000 products in 40 countries)

The examples of the operating products:


The algorithm scans the plane and allows to place virtual objects on the plane. A full analog of Apple’s ARKit for Android. It possesses the same characteristics as Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore, but works better on weaker devices. Operating on pure mathematics it doesn’t require any additional sensors.