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Depending on your capabilities as an AR developer for publishing and the status of the DEVAR partner, you will be able to do a part or all of the following:

Distribute and sell your existing AR product(s) worldwide via DEVAR AR platform:
Once you've created an AR book(s), you can add an AR product you have developed into DEVAR platform that is the largest platform for AR products in publishing, available in more than 40 countries in 28 languages.
Develop an AR product for us and our existing partners using the DEVAR SDK:
DEVAR has a constantly growing net of partners (individual business owners and publishing houses around the world) who place orders on AR books development. If you become our proven partner, we can entrust you the development of AR products for us.
How DEVAR integrates your products and sells them?

In case you have a ready AR book - the procedure is simple. You adapt your book with the use of our SDK following certain rules. The sale is up to us - we will offer new titles to our existing partners in the countries chosen by you.

DEVAR has a unique multilingual sales team that covers all major business areas - EMEA, AMER and APAC. The effective system of selling has been developing in years with our insight worldwide experiences of distributing AR books on various markets peculiarities. We guarantee that your product will be offered to the right customer in the most appropriate way.

Enter the global market of AR products with DEVAR network

We already distribute our AR products in more than 40 countries, and this number is constantly increasing. The DEVAR platform is your open and the easiest way to the markets previously unavailable. We are present in 3 key markets - European, Asian and American. You can be absolutely sure that we know all of the pitfalls and peculiarities, and that we are able to lead you to the countries with the greatest demand for AR.

Don’t be restricted by your distributor, go further with DEVAR

Our distributional network is wide and includes publishing houses, local suppliers, chain stores, e-tail, local entrepreneurs, schools and educational institutions. Even more we provide our content for any sort of special needs our customers might have — whether it advertising, marketing, promotion or loyalty programs. This many-sided way to distribute AR products provides us (and you) with unique channels that let discover the demand and make money easily.

Get increased awareness of your AR products

Everybody knows that specific exhibitions is the best way to reach your target audience. Your products will be showcased at all shows DEVAR exhibits around the world: BEA, BCBF, Frankfurter, Spielwarenmesse, BIBF, NY Toy Fair, Licensing Expo Japan, Licensing Expo Las Vegas, China Licensing Expo, AWE along with the related industries shows (electronics, innovation, mobile, toys and games, consumer products, marketing).

Quick sales cycle and instant availability to end-users

As soon as your product sold, it gets visible in a publisher’s showcase. There’s no need in additional actions from your side, because the product is adapted to the DEVAR SDK and downloaded into the platform beforehand. Your product being in the DEVAR platform gets a targeted exposure to potential buyers and decision makers and a display at the most effective b2b sites - exhibitions and panels.

Your intellectual property is safe

We don’t take rights to your intellectual property, but provide you an ultimate tool to enter new markets. All rights to a product belong to a developer of a product. We guarantee legal support and copyright defense to our partners.

More profit with repacked products

You will gain as much revenue from your creations as it’s possible, thanks to our unique repacking process — your books can be transformed to posters, postcards and consumer products, and your AR content will be used to its full potential.

How to start

Do you have an AR product that you are ready to sell worldwide?

apply here

Our business development manager will contact you as soon as your application is received. You will get a detailed consultation on how to integrate your product into the DEVAR platform, adapt it to the SDK and the next steps we should take in our cooperation. We discuss all the terms of our cooperation and sign the documents.


You get the documents pack along with the recommendations from our experts on how to adapt your product to the DEVAR SDK and to integrate it into the platform.


You get your AR product put into the DEVAR platform. We include your AR product into catalogs, price-lists, promo-materials.


We sell your AR products with all our possibilities - online and offline (via DEVAR partners worldwide network and in numerous meetings with potential customers).


You get your money!

What you get when you become a proven partner of DEVAR


New markets you didn’t have access to previously worldwide distribution and sales of your AR products;


Increased revenue for your product;


To the DEVAR AR library: a depository of all 2D, 3D models and audio tracks (more than 10000 3D-models, over 5000 2D images);


Assistance of our unique multilingual sales team will help you bring highly technological AR products to the market;


Widening of your product range by means of adding other types of goods - flashcards, puzzles, posters, consumer products etc;


Business insights and technological recommendations from the leading AR developed for publishing;


Tips for improving your AR content using our experience and best practice;


Profits with no risks: DEVAR is the platform that aggregates and sells AR products of many types, the one major difference between us and typical publishers is that we do not withdraw your rights for a book, but help you distribute it worldwide in countries chosen by you. Your intellectual property is safe - we guarantee transparent business relations and legal service.